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Where cell coverage is available

Information obtained from www.LoJack.com 11-01-09
LoJack™ is a registered trademark of the LoJack Corporation
FIN® and LoJack® Comparison
  FIN® LoJack®
Will it alert right away if my bike is moved? YES See Below*
Am I able to track my bike on the Internet in real time? YES NO
Will I be notified right away if my bike is stolen? YES See Below*
Can I track my bike as soon as it is stolen? YES NO
Is there early warning protection at install? YES NO
Is there nationwide coverage? YES NO
Can I view a history of where my bike has been? YES NO
Can I set a boundary alert (GEO Fence)? YES NO
Can I set a max speed notification? YES NO
Will I get an alert of my battery is low? YES NO
Will I be notified if the bike power has been disconnected? YES NO
Is it transferable to another bike? YES NO
Is it water resistant? YES YES
Do I need to file a police report to start the process? NO YES
Do police forces need special equipment for it to work? NO YES
Does my bike need to be registered? NO YES
* Obtained from LoJack® owners manual, 9/10/11:
"Typically, you are notified within 15-30 minutes after your
motorcycle begins moving without the Key Pass. However,
this time may vary depending on your coverage area, but
should not exceed one hour."

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