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How does the FIN System work? [ back to top ]
Each FIN unit has a state of the art GPS receiver installed which receives satellite signals and then calculates this information and determines very accurately, where your ride is located. FIN then takes this information and transmits it over a specially designed data cellular connection from your ride to where the information is decoded, translated and presented to you both in historical reports and on digital aerial maps all in a matter of seconds.

Will FIN work on any Power Sports Product? ( Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV, UTV or PWC. )
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YES! If it has a motor and moves, FIN can protect you and all your valuable property

How is FIN different from other systems?
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There are hundreds of chains, locks, and alarm devices available for your ride, but they cannot prevent theft and none of them guarantee recovery of your property. FIN is guaranteed to work.
LoJack, which is a popular name in the Industry, is only available in limited areas and cannot be used on Off Road Bikes, ATV's, PWC's, UTV's or Snowmobiles. LoJack requires activation in the event your ride is stolen and requires you to file a Police Report BEFORE they even start searching. Then, only specially equipped police vehicles must use a radio frequency to attempt to find your ride.
LoJack's system has been around for years and still is only available in 27 states with their service-coverage only in major cities within the states...at best. If they leave the LoJack radio frequency area, your property is lost!
The FIN System is operational in every single state and gives you many additional features and benefits. FIN will instantly notify you via cell phone or via any other Internet connection giving you a tamper alert and will provide the exact location of your ride should it be stolen. The FIN Tracking Center gives you the option and ability to work directly with the Police assuring immediate action.

What is a GPS System?
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GPS is a Global Positioning System ( GPS ), which consist of 27 Earth Orbiting
Satellites ( 24 that are operational and 3 for back up in case any fail). GPS was originally designed and used by the Military but now allows others to use its satellite signals.

How do I know FIN is working?
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You can check and verify the location of your ride at any time, 24/7 via Phone or Internet connection.

How does FIN alert me?
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FIN will send an alert via text message to your cell phone or email you.

How will FIN recover my ride?
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You or the FIN Tracking Center can locate your ride via GPS and then coordinate with the Police to track and recover your stolen property.

How fast will FIN locate my ride?
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You can locate your ride in less than a minute. Locating typically takes less time than it does to turn on your computer.

What is Geo Fence?
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Geo Fence is a perimeter set up by you so that if your ride travels outside of the pre-set perimeter, you will receive a Text or Email alert from FIN.

How does the Speed Alert work?
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You can set up a designated speed limit so if your ride exceeds that limit, you will receive a Text or Email alert from FIN.

If my rides battery is dead, does the FIN System have a battery back up?
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How do I know if my battery is getting low?
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FIN will monitor you battery and Alert you if it drops below the proscribed voltage level.

How much power does the FIN use?
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Less than 1 milliamp in sleep mode.

Where is my FIN System installed on my ride?
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Your FIN System is hidden in one of several places within your ride. For security purposes, we do not disclose the location of the system to anyone, not even the owner. If this were to become public knowledge, it could compromise the ability to recover your ride.

Is FIN water resistant?
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FIN is water resistant and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Does my ride need to be registered?
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Can I transfer my FIN System to a new ride?
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Yes. You can transfer FIN to any Power Sports Product with only an administration fee.

By installing a FIN System, will I get a discount on my insurance?
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You may be eligible for up to a 30% discount on your comprehensive insurance. Check with your local Insurance Agent for details.

I have insurance so why do I need a FIN System?
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Most people have their rides insured for theft. However, sometimes you may owe more money on your ride than you receive from your insurance company. A lot of sweat and tears can go into making your ride a one-of-a-kind and no amount of money can replace that. With FIN, you have the opportunity of getting your property back before you even need to file a claim.

Does FIN provide a warranty? [ back to top ]
Yes. FIN-Branded hardware products include a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of three (3) years from the date of retail purchase by the original purchaser.


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