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"FIN is Doing It RIGHT!"
"I am writing to say thanks. I lost 2 jet skis last year with LoJack hooked up (the 45 minute delay for official po-po report was killer). I signed up for FIN earlier this month when I finally replaced them. Today I received a proactive call from customer service agent Charity who was amazingly helpful on setting up all my online tracking, mobile apps, etc. I never heard from LoJack either before or after my $25K worth of Jet Skis were stolen. Good job FIN!! No need to contact me...just passing along accolades...Thanks."



"I purchased my first bike and knew it was very light and an easy target for thieves. My Dealer suggested I install a FIN. Two months later, it happened.

I called FIN and they found my bike in a matter of minutes.

I gave them the Sheriff's Office where I reported it stolen and I had my bike back, thief in the back seat of the Police car and all in under 1-1/2 hours.

Thank You FIN !"


"I am a police officer and I knew the limitations of LoJack. When my bike was finished, over $45K later much work by Jesse James, I had only one security device in mind - FIN Security! Thanks for the great service and even better product, feel free to have anyone call me. FIN is the best $799 I have ever spent."

  Tom A.
  "In a word - thanks, I lost one bike, with FIN I know I will not lose another. "

Bill S.
Southern California

  "Thank you for introducing me to FIN Security, I tell all my friends about how great it is. Thanks again"

Steve C.
Washington State


"My son came home on leave from Iraq and we took a trip we had planned for two years, from Georgia to Sturgis and back.

I wish to thank you for the tracking which was a blast for all my folks here at Civil Engineering, my family and interested parties, who were able to arm chair ride along. I am impressed with your product. If at some future date there is an opportunity to help in creating more market with your product/service I would be happy to talk with you.

As you probably already know we made an approx 5300 mile trip and had a ball all the way, did you track us at 10,000' over the Big Horn pass?  Sturgis and Deadwood was a blast, a lot of good memories. I look forward to talking with you."


Dennis L.


"I love my FIN; I am in the security business in Mississippi and can tell you I will never have another bike without FIN Security, the peace of mind is well worth the cost. Your Customer Service goes above and beyond in all aspects of service. Thank you,"


William A.


"I feel far more secure about my son riding now that I have FIN and know where and how fast he is going at any given time. FIN works great and I can't imagine how we lived without it."

  Jeff V.
Up-State New York

"I have FIN on two Jet Skies and if they are moved it is comforting to know that I will get a text message no matter where I am. I highly recommend FIN Security!"


Robert K.
Miami, Florida


"Being a dealer I see new items ever day, FIN works. We recommend it to our customers and more over we use FIN on our personal bikes. Need I say more?"

  Tom S.
Annapolis, Maryland

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