FIN® Reviews and Testimonials

“I am 100% recommending everyone to get this device for your motor vehicle… I had my bike stolen yesterday at 4:05pm and with the help of Jason by 7pm, my bike was recovered at the address that Jason gave to police. This employee went above and beyond to help the police and I locate my bike.. he had to speak with several different police depts and continued to keep me informed while doing so. He is a rockstar and I appreciate his hard work! He stuck with us even after his shift ended and followed up later to make sure it was recovered! Thanks again Jason you can’t be thanked enough!!”
~David R.

“Yesterday my motorcycle was stolen from my apartment building and within 3 hours it was back in my hands. Best money ever spent definitely need to have 10/10!!!!”
~ Allen B

“You guys tracked my CBR1000RR after being stolen from Panama City. Led the police to a chop shop in Birmingham, 5 guys were arrested and several other bikes were recovered that were stolen from Panama city that same night mine was taken. FIN is the best after market purchase for your motorcycle, IMO.”
~ Anastasia B

“I have this protection for 6 years now. To me, is the best peace of mind to take care my Goldwing 2012.. No matter How apart we are. We are very close with this security device. The best part of all. It’s the way that Customer Services handle his customers. I even get the Happy Birthday regards over the phone on my birthday. Highly recommend it.”
~ Tony A, 5 star Facebook review

“FIN is the best peace of mind on my motorcycles, car, truck and two trailers. Highly recommended!”
~ Lee Parks, http://leeparksdesign.com/

“The peace of mind I have with having FIN on my motorcycle is priceless. We travel a lot and I’m able to get a good night’s sleep knowing FIN is on the job.”
~ Jerry G, 5 star Facebook review

“As owner of JR Maintenance Services, I love my FIN GPS security. I feel confident that my equipment will be found if ever stolen again! I love that I can track the movement of my machines and the other awesome features the site provides.”
~ Jacqueline R, 5 star Facebook review

“I have had a FIN for about 7 years now, I couldn’t live without it. I like the fact that if the bike is moved I get a text telling me. and family members can track my where about when on a trip. there is nothing negative, it is worth every penny!”
~ Larry M, 5 star Facebook review

~ Remy L, 5 star Facebook review

“I started into this in 2011 with a FIN on my Harley. I liked its features so much that I started adding one to all of my adult toys, and then my new SuperDuty diesel truck. It’s a layer protection that I keep kind of a secret. It’s the hidden surprise for a would be thief. But then I realized the FIN box has some great other ways to use the features like low battery notification on your boat, so you’ll know your bilge pump has enough electricity. Put a geofence around the mechanics shop or your house and have that as an added protection. Your vehicle is sitting at the mechanic shop and you want to know when they work on it, motion activation will tell you and they are none the wiser. Have the FIN on a daily driver and don’t want to be bothered every time you drive it, no biggie set the motion alert off, but setup a geofence. The customization of the system is what takes FIN to the next level.
The positive remarks don’t stop there. If you ever need customer service for renewals, updates, or anything, a quick phone call to their office and you’re always greeted by a friendly person that wants to help you. Sometimes you even get the inventor and owner of FIN.
Having three FIN units on three different types of vehicles (Harley, boat, truck); you can be assured I’m a happy customer. Thank you to FIN for not only giving me peace of mind, but a neat way to keep tabs on my vehicles”
~ Chris C, 5 star Facebook review

“I purchase my Find It Now product in Augusta of 2017. This has been one of the best investments I have made for my GXSR. I love all the alerts and the fast text messages it sends to my phone. It was a receipt spike in motorcycle thief in my area and FIN was on it. It alerted me of the incident within minutes of it happening. I wouldn’t cancel my FIN Membership if they paid me to.”
~ Lovreco Y, 5 star Facebook review

“I love this service…I own a bike on the east coast in ny.. and one in az….if anyone even just touches my bike..I get a text… in fact.. when i take it to the dealer for service…i know when they start working on it!”
~ Robert N, 5 star Facebook review

“I purchased the FIN unit with my 2015 Polaris Sportsman 570. The first year of monitoring was included, but I have renewed each year since. For the price, you definitely can’t beat it. It’s very accurate as far as location and everything. Great unit in my opinion. I highly recommend it.”
~ Scott C, 5 star Facebook review

“You won’t find better protection anywhere for your motorcycle, boat, or whatever you have it installed on. Knowing when my motorcycle is being tampered with, or being able to track where it is if it is stolen is priceless. You won’t get better protection as far as I’m concerned.”
~ Steve T, 5 star Facebook review

“Have only had it a week but so far it has been fabulous. The students next door were drunk and decided to check out my new bike. FIN alerted me immediately and I was able to scare them off.”
~ Chrisopher N, 5 star Facebook review

“Got it with the purchase of my 2015 Heritage and I believe it was the 2nd best purchase I made that day. Keeps me in the know where my bike is at all times. Very handy phone app as well”
~ Rodger M, 5 star Facebook review

“Very happy with the Find it now system they are customer friendly company when ever I have a question or a concern they are there to answer any questions. When ever I send my bike for service I can track back to the dealer and back home . It’s worth just for the peace of mind that even if the wind moves the bike it sends you an alert.”
~ David D, 5 star Facebook review

“I had it installed on my new 2017 Harley by the dealer and was very comfortable knowing it was protected by the onboard anti anti-theft system. At first I was a bit annoyed by the constant notices every time I touched the bike but now with the FIN system on constant watch I know where it is 24/7 at a glance. The peace of mind alone is definitely worth it.
Thanks for watching over my Ride!
2017 FLHTK”
~ Dennis O, 5 star Facebook review

“I had this installed when I bought the bike 4 years ago. My wife and I do a lot of cross country riding. This gives me the security I need . Highly recommend them. Staff very helpful if you need them.”
~ Lewis S, 5 star Facebook review

“I have had FIN since I bought my Indian and had never heard about it until then. I have found it is the best program and protection you could ask for. I was at an event and received a notification from FIN and came back to find someone sitting on my bike. I don’t know if he was going to take it, but either way without it I would have never known. It is well worth the money and I highly recommend it! Don’t waste your money on anything else!”
~ Joe K, 5 star Facebook review

“It is a great feeling knowing we can get a text and email when the boat is moved or the battery need recharge. The boundary fence feature is invaluable. Wish I had this on our Ranger that was stolen. It’s a no brainer when asked to add to our new boat. Thanks for the easy access, setup and renewal.”
~ Jesse R, 5 star Facebook review

“This is the best GPS device on the market by a mile! The customer service is top notch along with Jason who is always pleasant with me when I call him 5 times a day. Keep up the good work all of you at FIN!!!”
~ Ivan B, 5 star Facebook review

“2 years of trouble free service. The peace of mind for this protection is priceless. And the best part is you can set up for alerts to your cell phone and/or email address every time your bike is moved. My son likes to mess with me and shake my bike, so my alarm goes off every time. But that’s okay it’s still worth it and now it’s a game between the two of us.”
~ Dawn W, 5 star Facebook review

“I had the FIN installed by Lee’s Auto & RV Ranch a year ago on my new 2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000X. I absolutely love the reliability and peace of mind that comes with knowing that I can track my Cat in real time should it ever get stolen. In fact, it’s so accurate that when I had it at my local repair shop, the FIN app on my phone alerted me that they had disconnected the battery! They were amazed when I called them up. They had no idea I was tracking them! Worth five stars and more.”
~ Tim M, 5 star Facebook review

“I bought FIN with my Indian Springfield and loved it and then transferred to my new Indian Roadmaster. The motion detection is so sensitive I got a text message from the bike when it was parked and the wind blew against it. I have total peace of mind that FIN has my bike totally protected so if anything were to happen to it, I would know exactly where it is 24 hours a day.”
~ Jim I, 5 star Facebook review

“I do a lot of state to state travel solo and with groups. I have used fork locks, disk locks and factory security systems and never been really comfortable when I couldn’t have my bike just out side my door. FIN gives me the confidence to sleep better in no where hotels. Being able to be alerted at the slightest movement via my phone where its in a field at a rally, in a dealership for service, a road site easterly or hotel parking lot. The real time tracking ability and numerous alert setting is the coolest part. Alot of us have alot of time and money in our bikes and other toys and the FIN is simply the best add on accessory to help keep what we have worked for. Thanks FIN, Jason”
~ Jason W, 5 star Facebook review

“I really appreciate your help yesterday recovering my motorcycle. I was able to locate the bike and recover it also with the help of DC Police. By the time I got to it the FIN device had been snatched out but was still with the bike along with some other damage as they were already in the process of tearing the motorcycle apart. DC Police also recovered another stolen motorcycle in the process along with mine. Had it not been for your diligent effort, constant communication, and thorough knowledge, chances are I would not have been able to recover the motorcycle. I can’t thank you enough for your help with this. DC Police were so impressed with the FIN system and your email coordination, including the pictures, a responding officer asked for information regarding the FIN system and is planning to have one installed on his own personal motorcycle. Thanks again for your extraordinary effort.”
– Kyle L, DC

“I have one unit installed by the dealer and I love it. Being former military, I get pretty paranoid about people making off with my stuff and this gives me peace of mind, as we have a staying in the Marine Corps “There’s one one thief, everyone else is just trying to get their stuff back.” This unit lets you know whenever anyone touches the bike by text and email. Also the features are amazing. It lets you know when the main battery is low or if it’s disconnected. It also gives you speed alerts and it gives you the current battery charge and gps location.”
~ Fu Hong, Facebook 5 star review

“We had a $75,000 track loader stolen and if it hadn’t been for FIN gps on it we would have never found it. Highly recommend for Powersports & Equipment dealers it’s truly a great product. Big Thanks from Joe Hill’s!”
– Matt S. NY

“Our Can-Am buggy was stolen from our driveway last night. It was taken on a 13 mile journey, then recovered this morning thanks to Find It Now USA. The Johnston County Sheriff’s handled the collection of our buggy and made an arrest. Well worth the cost!”
– Bradley S, NC

“I purchased 4 of their GPS devices over a year ago. They were installed on ATVs, trailers and a tractor. I thought it could never happen to me “guess what” it did. I had 25k in equipment that was stolen from my farm at 2:30am on October 3, 2017. I panicked until I remember I made an investment in the FIN devices. My entire experience with the team at FIN was remarkable. They help me locate my equipment in a matter of “seconds”. I dealt with Jason and he was the epitome of world-class customer service. I was so impressed I purchased 4 more units. I now have 8. If you want to protect your valuables, make the investment.”
– Fred S, NC

“The FIN system is the best system around. It helped us recover my 2016 Yamaha R1 just purchased from Broward Motorsports and was stolen from the Broward College parking garage in Davie, FL. The bike was later tracked to be stationary in the back of a house in south Miami. It seems that the police could not enter the premises without a search warrant. I feared that if we waited too long the bike would be stripped down to be sold for parts. Luckily, the next day the bike was tracked to be on the move. We continued to track its movement and we followed it. The local police were called and they surrounded the thief. However, before the thief was apprehended, he laid the bike down and attempted to run. The bike sustained some damage but we got it back! Thank you FIN and especially Jason for helping us in every step of the way in recovering the bike. I only wish we could have recovered it the day before, when the FIN tracker indicated that it was just sitting behind the thief’s house. Anyway, your system saved the day and will be highly recommended.”
– Lou G., Davie, FL – 2016 Yamaha R1 recovered with assistance from FIN®

“Anybody who has a Motorcycle, Jetski, or even just a moped, I RECOMMEND THIS! Today at 4am someone tried to steal my bike… Find It Now (FIN) Saved my bike JUST NOW from getting stolen. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY from my pocket… thank you Find It Now USA!”
Crystian V., Miami, FL – 2006 Yamaha R1 recovered with assistance from FIN®

“I had a motorcycle stolen in may 2015 and unfortunately did not have any security. It was recovered a month later and had lots of damages. My lesson was learned and I signed up with FIN.  I currently have a 2014 cbr1000rr that was stolen this morning and recovered this afternoon. Definitely worth the money. And a big thanks to Jason and the staff and FIN for working with the police officers to not only get my bike back but also apprehend the suspects.”

– Ana B., FL – after having her 2014 CRB1000RR recovered with assistance from FIN®

Thank you Jason for helping with the recovery of our 2016 Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo today. Your product is a must if you ride anything. This GPS device is a great value for your money. The theft started at 4:03 am and I was picking up my Polaris RZR at 11:00am today. Thank you very much Find it Now USA, LLC you are the best. If you ride this is a must for your ride. Thank you again.”

– John S., Brooksville, FL – after having his Polaris RZR recovered with assistance from FIN®

“… went to the address that the (FIN® GPS) tracker was showing me. I found the bike in the backyard… Man it feels good to have that bike back and watch three people taken to jail….. Satisfaction”

– Rowdy N., Lake Worth, FL – after having his XR650L recovered with assistance from FIN®

“FIN is Doing It RIGHT! I am writing to say thanks. I lost 2 jet skis last year with LoJack hooked up (the 45 minute delay for official po-po report was killer). I signed up for FIN earlier this month when I finally replaced them. Today I received a proactive call from customer service agent Charity who was amazingly helpful on setting up all my online tracking, mobile apps, etc. I never heard from LoJack either before or after my $25K worth of Jet Skis were stolen. Good job FIN!! No need to contact me…just passing along accolades…Thanks.”

– Jeff, Florida

“I purchased my first bike and knew it was very light and an easy target for thieves. My Dealer suggested I install a FIN. Two months later, it happened. I called FIN and they found my bike in a matter of minutes. I gave them the Sheriff’s Office where I reported it stolen and I had my bike back, thief in the back seat of the Police car and all in under 1-1/2 hours. Thank You FIN!”

– Michelle, Illinois

“I am a police officer and I knew the limitations of LoJack. When my bike was finished, over $45K later much work by Jesse James, I had only one security device in mind – FIN Security! Thanks for the great service and even better product, feel free to have anyone call me. FIN is the best money I’ve ever spent.”

– Tom A., Virginia

“In a word – thanks, I lost one bike, with FIN I know I will not lose another. ”

– Bill S., Southern California

“Thank you for introducing me to FIN Security, I tell all my friends about how great it is. Thanks again”

– Steve C., Washington State

“My son came home on leave from Iraq and we took a trip we had planned for two years, from Georgia to Sturgis and back. I wish to thank you for the tracking which was a blast for all my folks here at Civil Engineering, my family and interested parties, who were able to arm chair ride along. I am impressed with your product. If at some future date there is an opportunity to help in creating more market with your product/service I would be happy to talk with you.

As you probably already know we made an approx 5300 mile trip and had a ball all the way, did you track us at 10,000′ over the Big Horn pass? Sturgis and Deadwood was a blast, a lot of good memories. I look forward to talking with you.”

– Dennis L., Georgia

“I love my FIN; I am in the security business in Mississippi and can tell you I will never have another bike without FIN Security, the peace of mind is well worth the cost. Your Customer Service goes above and beyond in all aspects of service. Thank you,”

– William A., Mississippi

“I feel far more secure about my son riding now that I have FIN and know where and how fast he is going at any given time. FIN works great and I can’t imagine how we lived without it.”

– Jeff V., Up-State New York

“I have FIN on two Jet Skies and if they are moved it is comforting to know that I will get a text message no matter where I am. I highly recommend FIN Security!”

– Robert K., Miami, Florida

“Being a dealer I see new items ever day, FIN works. We recommend it to our customers and more over we use FIN on our personal bikes. Need I say more?”

– Tom S., Annapolis, Maryland