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Alert. Locate. Recover.™

How Can Fin Protect Your Ride?

Success Stories

Bike was reported stolen to the FIN Recovery Center at 12:01am and was immediately located. Customer had already contacted Police Department and they were at the owner’s location at the time we were first notified of the theft. Owner had already been tracking the bike as the thief was riding his bike thru several South Florida Townships. After communicating with the PD of its many locations, they were on top of the bike as it reached speeds over 100mph. The stolen bike temporarily lost the PD as they let the stolen bike go when its speed became too dangerous.

Once the thief thought he got away and ducked behind a small shopping plaza. We continued to communicate the location to the PD and they made the recovery at approximately 12:40am. Along with the owners bike they recovered 3 other stolen bikes, the owners of which are very happy our owner had FIN™. ALL owners were very happy for FIN and the thief was not happy at all!

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“FIN works. We recommend it to our customers and more over we use FIN on our personal bikes.”

“I will never have another bike without Fin Security, the peace of mind is well worth the cost.”